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Catastrophic cases require a particular legal panache to leverage large loss claims to an amicable conclusion. In addition to the usual discovery tools, these complicated cases require a more sophisticated approach, while being mindful of cost-effective loss control.

At B&B, the Large Loss Department is staffed with experienced attorneys who know how to employ the tools of the trade, craft a particularized discovery approach while balancing the needs of the Labor Code to administer medical and indemnity benefits in legitimate claims. Experience teaches that settlement can be best leveraged from a position of strength. We know that every deposition, every hearing and every meeting with applicant’s counsel is an opportunity to settle. With the B&B Large Loss Department, you can be confident your legal counsel are equipped to explore settlement while prosecuting discovery in your most complicated cases.

Attorneys in Bradford & Barthel’s Large Loss division provide superior outcomes in cases involving high exposure, catastrophic injuries, complex matters, and cases that involve novel or controversial legal issues. We obtain cost-effective, efficient resolutions by quickly identifying the “red flags” that signify the risk of higher than expected exposure.




Amir F. Adil, Esq.

Thomas W. Bradford, Esq.

Gregory P. Fletcher, Esq., Director of Large Loss Department

Sean Shabestari, Esq.

Scott A. Star, Esq.


Large Loss Specialist

Sherri Dozier, Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, WCCP, SIP
Director of Client Development and Relations
Large Loss Specialist
Bradford & Barthel, LLP
909 224-4658


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