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Bradford & Barthel, LLP, provides expert AMA Analysis & Rating Services to all workers’ compensation professionals.

Ratings Done Your Way:

We offer three different levels of Ratings.

  • Rating Only – The Doctor’s Impairment numbers are reviewed to insure there are no calculation errors. All errors are identified and documented. Multiple impairments are combined using the 2005 PDRS and applicable legal rulings. Only one final PD number is provided. This is the least expensive level of Ratings, with prices starting at $75 for a single PD Rating string. Additional strings will increase the cost.
  • Rating with Annotation – All of the benefits of the Rating Only, plus we provide a brief discussion of each impairment chosen by the doctor, correct or incorrect. We again only offer one final PD number based on the doctor’s impairment numbers, corrected for calculation errors. This service starts at $115 for a single PD string. Additional strings will increase the cost.
  • AMA Analysis & Rating – The full analysis is our most comprehensive service. We will review the medical reports(s) and provide a final PD based on the doctor’s impairment. We will also carefully review each of the impairments provided and explain, with quoted references to the medical report, AMA Guides, and other applicable sources, why and how the doctor was incorrect, or correct. An additional final PD is provided for comparison to the doctors final PD. Our most comprehensive service with a cost of $235 per hour.

Why Do We Provide This Service?

  • You have the right to an accurate level of PD using ‘standard’ AMA Guides rating.
  • You must know the ‘standard’ rating before you can determine if the Almaraz/Guzman decisions can be applied.
  • Based on our review, the doctor’s are incorrect about 80% of the time. The American Medical Association has indicated a similar number in their reviews.
  • Do you have the time to review a report? Some more complex reports can take several hours to review.

Other Services?

We can:

  • Assist with cross examination preparation
  • Provide reserve consultation, even before P&S.
  • Assist in preparation of Doctor letters.
  • Answer your questions by phone or email – free!


Please contact us for the above services.