After tackling one of the most important issues in workers’ compensation, Milpitas Unified School District v. Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (Guzman), Partner and Managing Attorney Louis A. Larres formed B&B’s Appellate Division with the belief that appeals, especially beyond the WCAB, require great expertise to serve our clients’ interests. Mr. Larres, brings his unique insight, unparalleled experience and an established record of winning appeals for the firms’ clients.


Petitions for Removal and Reconsideration

The Appellate Division handles all phases of workers’ compensation appellate matters. This includes petitions for removal from non-final decisions and petitions for reconsideration from final decisions. Knowing the difference between final and non-final decisions is crucial to success. Although removal is an extraordinary remedy, the Appellate Division has had great success obtaining removals when challenging discovery orders and denials of change of venue.


Petitions for Writ of Review and Petitions for Review

The Appellate Division also has in depth experience challenging WCAB decisions at all of the California District Courts of Appeal and at the California Supreme Court. The Appellate Division’s experience includes the drafting and filing of answers to petitions for writ of review and petitions for review defending a trial victory or victory at the WCAB on reconsideration.


Knowledge and Expertise

The Appellate Division is a valuable resource to the firm’s frontline attorneys as they formulate trial strategy and develop and preserve the trial record so as to maximize the prospects for a successful appeal.

As head of the Appellate Division, Mr. Larres is available to schedule an individualized consultation to discuss the chances of success of an appeal. To do so, please send an email inquiry to




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