ADR / Collectively Bargained WC Programs


Since 1993, the state of California has permitted labor unions and employers to develop and implement alternative dispute resolution systems that are faster and more cost-effective than traditional litigation at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Bradford & Barthel’s ADR team has been involved in the development, implementation, and litigation within Labor Code 3201.5 and Labor Code 3201.7 ADR programs since they were first implemented.

From developing language for collective bargaining agreements, to assisting with negotiation between the labor unions and employers, to working within programs to achieve excellent results, Bradford & Barthel has the experience and knowledge to handle these cases effectively. We also provide training to employers, carriers, and third-party administrators that are involved in this unique area of litigation, and our attorneys have been recognized throughout the industry for their expertise in ADR.

Michael Peabody is an experienced practitioner and adviser in the emerging field of workers’ compensation carve-out alternative dispute resolution programs in California. Along with his juris doctorate degree, he earned a certificate in alternative dispute resolution at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, serving for two years as an editor of the Dispute Resolution Law Journal where he was published in the first issue.

The goal of alternative dispute resolution is to reduce the friction of traditional litigation and resolve cases quickly and reasonably. Michael has been actively involved in ADR carve-outs at every level, from drafting and negotiating agreements between labor and management to representing employers and carriers in ADR proceedings. He has worked with most ADR programs and has presented seminars on current case law for arbitrators and ADR program directors. He is committed to achieving the best results in each case and to improving the practices of ADR carveout programs.

Whether it is developing new programs, improving and renegotiating existing programs, or representing clients in existing programs, we are ready to work with your team to bring about the best results possible.

He is presently working with the firm to develop a continuing education certificate training program for claims professionals that will provide them with a background in handling a variety of ADR programs.



Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Michael D. Peabody, Esq.
Bradford & Barthel, LLP


Director of Quality Assurance and Client Liaison

Jeannine Lewis
Bradford & Barthel, LLP
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