Client Testimonials



“You all are the best at rating and so helpful even when asked on short notice you all always come through!!”

Kimberly Kirksey | Claims Supervisor


The Hanover

“Just checking in that Tim (Mussack) has done an excellent job analyzing the PD in this case with potential savings of $41,252.50. Well done Tim!!”

John Blum | Senior Adjuster




Thank you for checking in with me. Service has been outstanding to this point, I am very satisfied with the handling of my claims thus far with Brittany (Rothe-Kushel).”

Valerie Myles | Claims Examiner, WCCA – California Service Center



“Amazing idea you had 24 years ago. Everyday your firm comes across my desk, my job is easier.”

Joseph Sgro | VP of Corporate Claims


Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A), Inc.

Patrick (Gorman), I want to THANK YOU for being available for our call with MBK and the broker this morning. I appreciate your support and your input!

I know they appreciated your insight on the pending legislation.

Thanks again.”

Milly Ortiz | Branch Claims Manager



Patrick, this has been and will continue to be a great partnership. We appreciate you!”

Annette LaBarre | Vice President, Director of Workers’ Compensation


Sullivan Curtis Monroe

Sherri Dozier has been ready and available to guide me and SCM on any related topics that arise from concerns with our clients for many years. My personnel relationship aside, I want to let you know that she has been extremely instrumental to SCM with the COVID 19 outbreak. She has been able to assist in shaping SCM response to this pandemic outbreak, with our clients. She has earned the respect of the brokers and management at SCM, we consider her and B&B as a vital part of our team.

Thanks always for ALL Bradford & Barthel does.”

Gina DiCiacca | Director, Risk Management


Gallagher Bassett

“I have worked with Sophia Martinez on a few cases for the past few years. I just think you should know she is one of the best attorneys I’ve worked with at B&B. She emails me so quickly with responses and concerns. She also addresses items very quickly and I never have to set special diaries to follow up with her. I really appreciate her work on my files and you should know what a great job she does.”

Eve Gross, WCCA, SIP | Resolution Manager